Careers in Animation


One of the careers in Animation that is the most interesting to me is the animator. I like the fact that in this career you can have can such a creative freedom with what you do. Animators can do anything from Designing characters, timing their movements, using computers to design software, creating storyboards, to building models. I’m sure this is a career you can do from home if you are creating your own personal things but most animators work for companies and get paid a salary. To start as an animator, the salary is usually around $30,000 a year but once you get more experienced you could make as much as $80,000 annually. A beginner animator needs time to hone and perfect their skill and style so their jobs may not vary as much on set in comparison to expert animators who can oversee a team of people involved in the animation process. 
       This is one of the careers where educations isn’t necessarily required to do well. The main skill involved is artistic ability which for the most part, cannot be learned in a classroom. The education for this career is mainly developing computer skills since most of the animation industry revolves around using computers and you can complete the education required for this field in as little as two to four years depending on what works best for you. One good example of a company that hires good computer animators would be Pixar. Most if not all of Pixar’s movies are created using computers. Another great example of somewhere animators are needed are in the video game industry. Video games are nothing without animators. Companies like Blizzard, for example, hire new animators all the time. Animators bring characters and settings to life and make gaming such an amazing experience.
       The reason i picked this career is because one day, i hope to be a game designer. I love the creativity that is involved with animation. Animators practically get to invent new worlds and characters and practically become a god, creating life that no one has yet seen or experienced. I Admire the work these people do and hope to join them in the field one day.

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