facebook article

Student arrested for threatening principal on Facebook


What are your thoughts about the article?

I thought the kid was a bit crazy. he claims how smart he is but his grammar was terrible and he could hardly spell. i just think people should be more careful about what they say online.


Do you have a facebook account?


How often are you on facebook?

I am usually on every day…a few times a day.

Is your facebook set to private or public?


Facebook Do’s and Don’ts



Did you learn anything? If so, what did you learn or what did you already know?

i pretty much knew all of the do’s and don’ts from this website though my page is still set on public. i haven’t changed my privacy settings. and as for the “don’t use facebook to start fights or bully” i definitely knew about that. i have had people on my friends list that i have deleted just because they would always talk crap about people in their status. Not cute at all.



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