3 Ways Social Media Can Wreck Your Career

The article i read was about the unwritten rules that apply to social networking and how these sites, when used inappropriately, can ruin your career. Some of these things can ruin your career even if you try to control it. for example, If you are at a party and you are tagged in a picture, employers or anyone can see you at that party. Even if you aren’t doing anything wrong in that particular picture, people can click and look at the photo album and see the things that go on at that party even if you weren’t involved in them.  Another way you can get in trouble from your social networking site, is being too opinionated. Future employers can see your posts as far back as even a year. If you are too opinionated about politics or something else, they can take it as you cant control yourself when you disagree with something and won’t want you working there. The third way is if you use foul language. Cursing in every post makes you look very low. If you avoid these things you are using these sites correctly.


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